I Was Warned - Robert Cray

Songs on the CD

This is my personal Favorite Cray CD. It has a good mix of upbeat tunes and heart renching blues. "Just a Loser" and "On the Road Down" are excellent up beat tunes. "A Whole Lotta Pride" and "Our Last Time" are to excellent tracks as well. I think this album show cases The Robert Cray Bands versatility and depth.
If you're looking for a place to start, this is a great album. If like a lot of people you started with Strong Persuader, this is an excellent follow up.

The Robert Cray Band
Robert Cray - vocals, guitar
Tim Kaihatsu - guitar
Jim Pugh - keyboards
Kevin Hayes - drums
Karl Sevareid - bass

The Memphis Horns
Andrew Love - tenor sax
Wayne Jackson - trumpet and trombone

Some brief credits:
© 1992 PolyGram Records
Producer - Dennis Walker
Direction - Mike Kappas - The Rosebud Agency
Art Direction - Margery Greenspan
Design - Phil Yarnall
Photography - Jeff Katz

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