Strong Persuader - Robert Cray

Songs on the CD

This was Robert Cray's break through Album. Its a great one. "Right Next Door" is an incredible song. She was right next door and I'm such a strong persuader...She was just another notch on my gutar...She's going to lose the man who really loves her... In the silence I can here their breaking hearts. What an CD. This is where I started my Robert Cray fandom.

The Robert Cray Band
Robert Cray - Vocal and Guitar
Richard Cousins - Bass
Peter Boe - Keyboards
David Olson - Drums

Horns arranged and played by The Memphis Horns
Wayne Jackson - Trumpet & Trombone
Andrew Love - Tenor Sax

Lee Spath - Percussion on:
"Right Next Door," "More Than I Can Stand," and "Fantasized"

Some brief credits:
© 1986 PolyGram Records, Inc.
Producers - Bruce Bromberg and Dennis Walker
Direction - Mike Kappus - The Rosebud Agency
Art Direction - Bill Levy
Cover Design - Kosh
Photography - Aaron Rapoport
Group Photo - Henry Diltz

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