Shame + a Sin - Robert Cray

Songs on the CD

Robert Cray - guitar, vocals
Kevin Hayes - drums
Jim Pugh - upright piano, xylophone and organ
Karl Sevareid - bass
Edward Manion - tenor sax, baritone sax
Mark Pender - trumpet

Albert Collins - guitar on "You're Gonna Need Me"
Harmonica on "1040 Blues" - unknown

Horn arrangements by the Miami Hors - Mark Pender and Edward Manion

Some brief credits:
© 1998 PolyGram Records

Producer - Robert Cray
Direction - Mike Kappus - The Rosebud Agency
Art Director - Michael Bays
Photography - James Fee
Design - Jeffery Schulz

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Created: 12/4/95
Mod: 8/22/99
By: rwhiffen