Too Many Cooks

Who's Been Talkin'

New Blues

A quick note about the three albums. They are the same in most respects. The key differences are from the record companies that released them. "But it says two were both released by Tomato on the web page!?!?" Well, there's a period of time when Tomato went out of business. During that time, Atlantic re-released Who's Been Talking. They basically bought the rights to the album. When Tomato records went back into business (I'm not sure of who, how, or why this happened, I've pieced this together as best I can) they wanted to re-release Who's Been Talking but Atlantic still owned the rights, but they didn't own the rights to an ablum called Too Many Cooks. New Blues on the other hand is a re-release of the ablum by Hallmark, a UK label. The track order and disc art has changed, but thats it. They are all essentially the same disc. Many thanks again to Jim for obtaining a copy for me!

That's the best explaination I can give for the three albums. Since they all look so different, and as far as I know, the Who's been Talkin' version has never been released on CD, I count them as separate albums.

Update: Who's Been Talkin' has been produced in two more versions! One from Neon and one from Mercury. The Mercury release has the original cover art and has been digitally remastered

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Created: 8/22/99
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